Monday, 3 August 2009

Update again

Sorry i always seem to forget to update this lol little time and too much to do may be the problem! Well a little update i suppose, i got my exam results, 1 merit and 2 high passes, i missed out on the other merits by 3 and 2% so was a little dissapointed but pleased also. I have finished my first placement for the year, i was in the breast unit in oncology, it was very emotional but very educational and i learned a hell of alot! My next placements are care of the elderly and then ITU, to say i am excited about ITU would be an understatement!

It was Jamies 3rd birthday on the 24th, i really cant beleive he is 3 already how time flies, he had a party with bouncy castle on the 25th and his new baby brother Alexander James arrived on the 26th! Weighing 8lbs 9oz he is just gorgeous, although Jamie isnt too keen and wanted to send him back!

I havent done much on the scrapping front, at the moment i am lucky if i manage a lo a month but it is better than nothing, i just dont seem to have the time with work and university although i relish the day i will have lots of time, and beleive me there will be a huge backlog of photos waiting! I am also excited to be getting a layout published in Scrapbook Trends magazine, i am hoping it will be in the next issue, which will be issue 5 october.

Anyway i dont think i really have all that much more to say at the moment, but promise to try and keep this updated a little more!

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Ali said...

Hi just thought I would stop by. I am on UK Scrappers and found your name there - your creations are lovely and your pages awesome. I love the fact you don't take up all the page with your designs and have a plain background - this is something I would like to do as am pretty new to scrapbooking!! lol Hop on by to say hello anytime, thanks Alison