Friday, 25 July 2008

My freedom

I recently joined Shimelles new class My Freedom, and so fa have been keeping up well, not like last time lol , i have decorated an 8.5x11 album which i am really really happy with and have done 3 of the layouts so far, i am getting a little behind but i have the weekend including today off so i am going to try and catch up today :D you never know i might even get some of the blog prompts that come with the class prompts done............i can dream at least lol
I have however been really enjoying the class, i love the fact that someone in years to come will be able to look back at the album and see what my life was like now, what was important to me, how i viewed things, travelled, what i wanted out of life etc. Yet another faultless class from shimelle :D

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Doodlebug House

Here is my attempt at altering a Doodlebug house, i did it as a treat to myself for finishing my exams which really was a great relief lol

I havent really done much else this last few weeks, have mainly been studying and going to the gym, have also been going to weight watchers and have nearly lost a stone, which i am really really pleased about, only 2 more stones to go lol

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Exams and Diets

Well i thought i had better update again as i seem to be getting distraceted with university all the time and just dont have the time to come on and say what i have been doing!!!! things are mad, i have my exams in 2 weeks, i cant believe it is here already and to be honest i am far from prepared even though i have been revising i think i am just panicing lol! one of the exams is practical which to be honest i am ok about, you have to pass 6 out of 8 stations to pass the exam, the stations are handwashing; moving and handling; administration of oral medication; blood pressure; pulse; urinalysis; temperature and preparation of heres hoping :) it is still stressfull lol

As well as univeristy i have joined back at weight watchers, it really is about time i did something about my weight, it is getting a bit much now, i joined back two weeks ago and have lost 8lbs already, so i am very pleased. as well as weight watchers i have been going to the gym and i am loving it, i can really see a difference in my weight :)

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Making a start on Shimelles class

Well i made a start with prompt 1 and 2 and her eis the result, i am very pleased with it, the photos are great and i think the colours work really well together, unfotunatley the journalling maybe lets it down a little as i am not veyr good at it lol.............I'm sitting here thinking about todays prompt but to be honest i am stumped lol

Monday, 24 March 2008

There's No Place Like Home

Well i have signed up for Shimelles new class and boy oh boy am i excited :D although i havent got a clue what to expect i am sure it is going to be great fun................anyone else joined? i am planning on doing the projects on my home town "Edinburgh" rather than my actual home, simply because i think Edinburgh is a magical city with so much to see and appreciate :) anyway enough rambling just thought i would let you all know what i have been up too lol

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Long Awaited Update

Well where do i begin, it has been a long time since i posted and so much has happened! we had a wonderful christmas and new year and i started university in january, i am training to be a nurse and i am loving it! there is alot of work and some of it is taxing but i have been keeping up well and working hard and that showed in my anatomy exam results last week when i got 72% :), i also started a part time job in a nursing home that specialises in dementia care to help my studies and i am loving it, it is hard work but i really enjoy it, it is such a fullfilling job :)

Jamie and Amanda are both getting HUGE!!! Jamie is so funny, he talks all the time now and shouts peoples names, he is also getting to be a right little mover aswell, anytime music comes on he is dancing straight away! Amanda is also getting big, it is hard to believe how much they change so fast :)

As for scrapping..........well i think i have done a total of 3 layouts since i started univeristy lol but i have enjoyed the ones i have done and have just signed up for Shimelles new class which i am really looking forward to :)

Well i promise to update more often in future!