Sunday, 22 March 2009

Visiting Castles

We recently became members of historic scotland and so every weekend we go and visit some, this weekend we went to castle campbell, stirling castle and doune castle. Jamie really likes visiting them and running up and down the large halls ans corridors. Its nice at his age that he has an interest in these things :)

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Monthly kits

For years i bought expensive monthyl kits and often did one or two pages with it and wasted the rest, when i started uni i just couldnt afford these kits anymore so started the hunt for an affordable monthlt kit...............and i found a cracker! Cleocrafts doa monthly kit for less than a tenner and it is just fantastic, i love it :) i have only had one so far but i was very very impressed, it was packed with goodies and had very up to date papers, great for getting my mojo going and for challenging me :) Above is the layout i did with last months kit........still got loads left over aswell :D Must sat the thickers i used didnt come in the kit