Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Dressing up

Prompted by a thread on UKS i was thinking today about dressing up, i know some people absolutley loath it but i have to say i LOVE it, it is so much fun...over the years working in the soft play centre i had to dress up as a weird and wonderful array of things from a devil to an elephant and once an alien! Never am i embarrassed to go out in full dressed up galore, it is great fun and for all those prudes out there i say get those witches hats out and make a stand and make fools of yourself! you only live once afterall :D

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Critical Scrappers

Over the years i have been scrapping i have come to notice that we as scrappers can be very very critical of our own work, i often browse other peoples galleries and adore the work they do but most of the time look at mine and think what a load of tosh!!! Well after getting myself into a little bit of photography i have started to like my pages more, the better the photo the better the page i think, although that is merely personal opinion! In my last post i showed you a photo of my gorgeous nephew Jamie, I had been sitting looking at this for days and i loved it so on sunday i sat for 4 hours playing with paper and ended up with a page that i personally think is one of my best pages. Some of the UKS girls have even said it is my best ever page!!! so here it is......i have learned from this that your work is always good, and not to be to critical of yourself because if you are you will never be happy and appreciative of your own work :) happy scrapping

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Photography and scrapping

recently i decided it was about time i tried to take some decent pictures to scrap, easier said than done might i add!! i bought a fujifilm bridging camera and have been playing around for week lol well here is what i consider my first decent picture, i love the way it has turned out!! do let me kinow what you think :)

Sunday, 7 October 2007

New Shoes

Wooo Hooo i got new shoes, finally tracked down the Crocs i wanted and i love them so much!! i got them quite far from home in Keswick in the Lake District!! Im hopeing they are going to help my very sore foot which i think is a fallen arch :(
Also this week have been to art from the heart in harrogate and bought some of the scrummy new blonde moments papers, mmmmmmm they are lush!!!!