Thursday, 29 January 2009

Scrapping photos you dont like

Why do we scrap? to preserve memories right, but what if we hate the only photo we have of that oh so important occasion which holds special sentimental value for us? Well i have this week decided that i really had to scrap that photo i hated as it is a memory that holds a key to my future, so here it is, me in my student Nurse Uniform for the first time in my life, it is only a matter of time before i have my RGN :)

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Making up lost time

Las year i really didnt do much scrapping, i maybe did 19 los in the whole year, not alot i hear you say! so i am on a mission to make up lost time and get that big pile of photos from last year scrapped, so far i have done 6 layouts this year, not bad considering it is only the 20th, i have a few weeks off so i am going to make the most of it and do as much as i can :D Attatched is a layout i did last night of my neice and nephew.

I am also taking part in the UKS cybercrop, Shimelles new free class called 'this year' and also a photo a day 2009 although i am going to be doing a day a month not a photo a day, so that day will be the 25th of each month, which has got my mojo going again!

So what this space xx

Saturday, 10 January 2009

New Year - Overdue update

Well i have been told off numerous times lately for not updating my blog in such a long time so here we go..........i cant think that i have done anything interesting to tell you about though lol had a lovely christmas with my parents, sisters and the children, Jamie really enjoyed it as it was the first time he knew what was going on, he kept telling people that santa said hohoho :). Had a quiet new year, stayed in and drank cocktails with my sister and her friend.

My neice Amanda was one on the 16th of december, i dont know where the year has gone, it is strange seeing her starting to walk etc when it feels like yesterday that she was just a little newborn. My sister was also 21 on the 19th of december. She had a nice time but didnt want a party so we just went for a meal.

Uni is going very well, next thursday is my last day in first year, it has gone so fast i am overwhelmed but i have enjoyed every minute of it, even if i have been up till 3am studying some times :( I am about to finish a 10 week placement on a Rheumaology/Dermatology ward and i have loved it, i could never have imagined learning so much in such a short peroid of time, it has certainly been worth it. Not only for the fact i have found that i have a passion for Dermatology :)

Now i am back to theory at uni it means i have more time to scrap, its taken a sideline whilst i have been studying so i have alot to make up for. I have managed one or two pages which i have attatched photos of.

Well i cant think of much else to say but i promise to keep things up to date from now on!!