Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Happiness and Sadness

Well this week has been a complete and utter roller coaster of emotions.....the begining of the week saw the family have a leaving party for my uncle Tony and cousin Chris who where over visiting the family from Australia for the firt time in 18 years, we had a great time and got a family photo which is a great scrapping oportunity :D On the sad side we have the news on tuesday morning that my gran had passed away in her sleep, she has had a long battle with cancer, after being diagnose with lung cancer three years ago she went into remission but in june the cancer came back, in july my parents where called to say she was in hospital and they thought she had broken her back, my parents went to spain to be with her (thats where she lived) After a week they where told that the cancer had spread to her stomach causing a compression on her spine which had paralysed her, she was flown back to the UK and put in a hospice, after a horrible few months of pain and heartache she passed away in her sleep. RIP xx


Nina said...

Big hugs hun. x x x

Heather said...

sorry about your nan :( *hugs*

cockneyrebel64 said...

You know you can e mail if you need to talk